UFC back at our door and Macaubjj more involved then ever!!!

Like most of you know the UFC was back in Macau on the 1st of March, with the main event between John Hathaway vs Dong Hyun Kim and the Final fights of TUF China. Like in 2013 UFC Macau, this year we had a lot of visitors has well, from all over Asia with the usual culprits from Bangkok, Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

But this year’s event was a bit special for Macaubjj with two of our guys, Tiago and Max, cornering two fighters from China that are managed by our long time friend Bill.
Jumabieke and Wang An Ying both fought their hearts out with different results! Juma lost in a 3 round grinder on judge’s decision and Wang won his fight with a 1st round doctor’s stoppage. Can’t wait to see them fight again and of course help out in anyway we can.
On behalf of MacauBjj thank you Bill for this great opportunity. We would also like to say thank you to Boyed Clark, owner of Phuket Top Team were a bunch of us went to train last May and would recommend to anyone, a great guy and head coach for the two fighters. It was an honor and pleasure cornering with you.

Big thanks also to Melissa Wang and the UFC crew for hooking us up with a few tickets. Our guys, Logan Zhang, Francisco Delgado, Ji Zhao and Robert Cai really enjoyed helping out in all the pre-show production work and being part of the whole UFC experience.

Even dough we were helping out at the fights, we still had time to do the usual Saturday 11:30 open mat with all our guests from abroad. Makoto Oga and Makoto Aramaki making the honours, plus Tomi, Kaise and Brad and a few more guys joined us for a roll, plus the usual pre fight burger at Morton’s.
Hope all off you had a blast! We sure did and can’t wait to see and roll with you all again in the near future.
Leave you with some videos and photos from this memorable week! 

Videos from our youtube channel

Juma trying to close the triangle
Boyed and Bill
Wang delivering a devastating left 
Albert Chong eye stoppage injury  
Tiago, Wang and Boyed celebrating the W!

Photos courtesy of Asia MMA!


Happy year of the Horse!

Short post to let you guys know that we now have open mat every Saturday  11:30/13:00.

Check out this video from one of our Saturday open mats.


News update!

Sorry for the long, long time since our last post…

We had a big graduation with an insane turnout! Our friends from Gracie Barra and Epic showed up and we had a record of 6 black belts on the mats. Big thanks to Professors, Rodrigo Medeiros, Silvio Braga, Mike Powers, Alberto Mina and Sandro Silva for showing up and making this an extra special graduation.

During these last few months we have also had the pleasure of hosting at our academy some really good friends. Prof Makoto Oga from Taiwan BJJ, Prof Makoto Aramaki from Hong Kong BJJ, Prof Diogo Gomes from San Francisco, BJJ Photographer Kinya Hashimoto and Prof Edison Kagohara from Japan and our old friend and one of the founders of Macabjj Patrick Goodwin from California and many others.

Meantime in the gym our MMA class on Fridays is getting some good numbers and our lunchtime rolls are getting bigger and bigger.

Hope you are all still training and enjoying the jiu-jitsu lifestyle!

See you and the mats.

Ps- leave you with some photos from the last few months

Prof Rodrigo Medeiros teaching a sweep at our graduation 
Group photo graduation day
Two new brown belts
New Purple Belt Max (left)
Four new blue belts
Visit Prof Makoto Oga
Visit Prof Makoto Aramaki
Visit from Kinya Hashimoto and Prof Edson Kagoara
Visit from Patrick Goodwin one of the founders of MacauBJJ


New address...

We have moved to a new place!

Check out our Contact page for the new address. We are back on the mats today, so come and visit us! More news and pics soon... 


Malolos, Bulacan – Nova União Philippines

Malolos, Bulacan – Nova União Philippines

Malolos is a small town on the outskirts of Manila, about an hour and a half drive from Clark Airport. Malolos is the capital city of Bulacan province and their people’s love for the grappling arts rivals that of any other place in the world. About 4 years ago, a small group of boys and girls, comprised of judokas, wrestlers and recent jiujitsu-ka have kick-started the BJJ-scene in the area. 

"Inspiring" is the first word that comes to mind when you start grasping and seeing what they have done in the name of jiu-jitsu and what they've achieved by themselves in order to train and compete in the Gentle Art. 

Well, if all you have to worry about competition day is cutting weight and what color kimono to compete in, let’s just say, you have it easy! In Malolos most of these kids can't afford to buy kimonos and the ones that can, save up for several months and then end up having to pay several fold of what people in other parts of the world have to due to the low value of the Philippine currency, the Peso. If you add up competition fees, traveling expenses and a bunch of other items that you need every time you go to a tournament, then you can imagine their love for the gentle art and what they go through to follow their jiu-jitsu dream. And things aren't rosy for them cause, if that was not enough, when they get to tournaments, they are discriminated against, because they did not fight under any black belt academy. To our utter astonishment we learned that if they get a medal they need to put their names under some other black belt based in the Philippines who they don't even know, who's never helped them or their jiu-jitsu in anyway.

That really motivated us at Nova União Macau to try and help out, not only by taking two black belts to train with this wonderful "Galera", but also to donate some kimonos and a bit of our experience to help them learn the gentle art that unites us all.
We were received by the most caring and hospitable people you will ever meet. Respectively curious they irradiated jiu-jitsu in every question, and they asked the two professors about everything, from techniques, to kimonos, about fighters, etc. All they really care about is jiu-jitsu and how to improve their skills and share them with others. And to us that's what it’s all about! So we hope we will be back soon to help our most recent friends grow their jiu-jitsu in lovely Malolos, Philippines!